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MeasurLink version 8 continues to evolve on the platform that was build with the release of MeasurLink 7. We drew from the thousands of installations across all industries in the manufacturing world and from the experience we accumulated over the past 20 years.

We have brought back our gage tracking and calibration record retention software - Gage Management. This module supports managing gages with multiple measurement specifications, allows the user to create fully-annotated calibration procedures and offers advanced scheduling of gage events. The migration utility makes for an easy transition from our Gage Management 6 version.
Gage Management
For our SPC suite, we added a couple of enhancements based on requests from our customers:
  • support tolerance tables (DIN16901/A, DIN7168, ISO-R286, IT Grades) for characteristic definition
  • customizable settings for the automatic calculation of warning limits
  • ability to limit the maximum number of measurements that can be collected for each characteristic in a run
  • support for variable collection frequencies at the characteristic level within the same routine
  • support derived attribute characteristics
  • histogram charts can be drawn with multiple out of tolerance bins
  • inclusion of Johnson Curve to histogram charts, etc
We also implemented functions that improve the user experience:
  • apply a callout design in 2D view to selected callouts
  • Precontrol chart is now available in the Manager View
  • synchronization of the selection in the Process Manager Active Data tree
  • keyboard support for moving items in the Report Designer
  • ability to save options at station level, etc
Manager View

Other notable additions:

  • Gage Management can now be integrated with Real-Time! Gages in the system can be tagged against measurement data to ensure an audit trail that the data has come from an appropriate gage. Users can be forced to select from a list of gages that are currently "in calibration" and Real-Time can reject data from a gage that becomes out of calibration for any reason during the measurement process.
  • In order to better support enhanced Crystal Reports designed by many customers, Crystal Reports Runtime for Visual Studio 2010 will automatically be installed.
  • Added support for custom fields to be created and attached to parts, routines, or characteristics. This allows for other data to be captured and reported with measurement data that does not otherwise fit into the storage structure. The information can be visible in Datasheet, 2D, and 3D Views, and can be included in reports and AQDEF exports.
  • MeasurLink reports can be saved directly as PDF files, eliminating the need to install a PDF creator on the MeasurLink station.
  • In Process Analyzer Professional, the function Assignable Cause Pareto has been added. This function allows the selection of one or more characteristics from one or more runs (can be from multiple routines), variable or attribute, and displays a Pareto Chart of all assignable causes found within the selected data. The chart has multiple pareto options that also includes corrective action, can display subgroup or observation level information, and can filter "bad" data.
  • Added support for Finnish and Portuguese languages.
  • A new routine option has been added to force users to enter a note after modifying existing observations. When this option is enabled in the Routine Library, modifications in Real-Time or Process Analyzer Professional will require this.
  • A new chart, Pareto chart of Assignable Causes, has been introduced in Real-Time and Process Analyzer.
  • In Support Center's Part Library, a new function has been created to allow parts to be exported as a file and imported into a second MeasurLink database.
  • Support for relative tolerancing has been added. This includes the entry of tolerance information as well as the display of data within the appropriate modules.
  • In Process Manager, a scrolling statistics view (Ticker View) has been added. This view displays the capability values for variable characteristics in a scrolling view, highlighting capabilities above target in green and capabilities below target in red.
  • In Process Analyzer Professional, the Summary Analysis function has returned. Previously known as the Capability Report in earlier versions.
  • Added a notifications function. When the computer has internet access, the user can see if they are running the most recent version of MeasurLink.

Whatever your data acquisition needs are, MeasurLink is the solution that supports them the way you need an SPC software to! We will continue to add new functions to the MeasurLink 8 suite, so make sure you check our website for new releases.

MeasurLink 8 supports a full migration path from our MeasurLink 7 application suite.