Plastics Industry Realities

Manufacturing plastics involves dealing with pliable, yielding material that can be easily warped or damaged by conventional tactile metrology. What’s more, inaccurate pieces can lead to increased costs for material disposal and recycling. This makes it even more important for plastics manufacturers to hit their tolerances every time. See how MeasurLink keeps the plastics industry quality control manufacturing processes operating at the highest efficiency.
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High Volume

The same die or injection mold can be used to produce thousands or millions of identical components. That means the smallest imperfection in a mold can cause millions of repeated errors, rendering huge quantities of material useless. Quality assurance testing is essential, but testing each individual component can slow down production.

Complex Measurements

Edge-to-edge dimensions, surface testing, z-axis height measurements, hardness testing: the list of possible metrology applications needed for a single plastic component is a long one. A range of non-contact or low-force solutions are needed to confirm all these factors are in compliance without causing damage to the part itself.

Our Expertise

MeasurLink understands that not all metrology solutions are suited to the unique requirements of plastics manufacturing. We produce instruments designed to take the most accurate measurements possible without causing any damage to the workpiece itself.

  • “Low-Force” solutions with adjustable load pressure
  • Hardness testers and durometers suitable for a range of hardnesses, even soft foams
  • Optical gaging solutions in a full range of sizes and resolutions

Tailor Your Metrology Solutions

Each plastics manufacturing application is unique, MeasurLink can combine with our Custom Solutions Group that can connect you with the metrology solution that’s perfect for yours. We develop custom fixtures, software, accessories and even complete solutions. With that much flexibility and support, you can get more value from your metrology processes.