MeasurLink 9 builds on the existing architecture of MeasurLink 8, which enjoyed record-setting license usage
over the course of its life as the current version.

Real-Time Dynamic Data

This function displays dynamic data from a data source at high sampling rates while providing a mechanism for discrete recording. Supports recording of Max/Min and difference between Max/Min during capture and timed polling sampling. Two dynamic charts supported: Indicator bar and Meter chart

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What-If Scenarios In Process Analyzer

Run hypothetical scenarios including tolerance changes, additional data tests on historical data, and derived characteristics.

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Real-Time Uncertainty Chart

Uncertainty Chart added to display band around collected feature. This provides users a visual representation of how the gage performance affects measurement.

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Collect Data in Real-Time with MTConnect DAQ Source

MTConnect agent data streams can be configured as Device channels. Inspection Routines allow mapping of characteristics to MTConnect Agent device channels as DAQ sources and can be used to collect measurement data.

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MeasurLink Console Database Backups and Restore

This supports functionality for customer DRBC (Disaster Recovery Business Continuity) or compliance initiatives without the need for the MSSQL Management Studio toolset.

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Windows Active Directory Support

The security function now includes support for Windows users and groups. Users can be exclusively controlled by domain administrators and with single sign-on capabilities, an authorized user will have the proper rights just by logging in to the computer and launching Real-Time.

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MeasurLink Products

Mitutoyo America ended its official support for MeasurLink 7 on July 1st, 2019.

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