MeasurLink Features & Enhancements

  • Report designs that include variable, attribute, or position pages in a multi-characteristic section can include gridlines between and around the characteristic on each page.
  • QIF export options now support using MeasurLink data as part of the file naming convention.
  • The restriction on the number of characteristics has been removed within the Datasheet View. Larger routines can now access this view as desired.
  • Week Number has been added as an option for filter sets.
  • Added the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Y to bring up the Subgroup Summary.
  • A Restore function has been added to Support Center and Real-Time to allow resetting the basic view of each module to return to the factory defaults.
  • A report’s characteristic independent page can now include images that have been saved at the part and routine level of the target data.
  • The Datasheet View has an option to display the earliest timestamp associated with a measurement for each part.
  • Reports have been enhanced to support a table of attribute measurement data in a single characteristic section. Additionally, the Tallysheet chart can be added to an attribute page in a single characteristic section.
  • The image chart has been changed to maintain the aspect ratio of the saved image being used to populate the chart.
  • Reports have been improved to allow an auto-size function or customization of column widths for characteristics on all table style pages in a multi-characteristic section. Additionally, the column headers expand in height and automatically wrap to ensure visibility of the full characteristic name.
  • Observation notes can now be included in reports.
  • A programmable interface has been added to set print conditions for reports.
  • Administrators now have the ability to restrict users from closing certain modules.
  • Import templates can ignore characters from the file name that are captured as part of a wildcard when determining part, routine, or run names.
  • Import data files by user-customized ordering and assign newly created routines to specific routine folders.

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