MeasurLink General Features & Enhancements

  • Collection Scheduler is a tool that that allows the user to track measurement collection times for multiple active or
    suspended runs on that Real-Time station. The module displays tiles for each run and shows several color stages based on checkpoints to keep measurements on track. In addition, an email can alert the supervisor if no measurement is started within specified time.
  • MeasurLink has added a new layer of security called Permits. This function will allow users to control (and be controlled from) the access to certain information within the same database where data exists that the same user
    should have access to. In this way sensitive parts and their data can be restricted from access by certain individuals.
  • Our help system has been redesigned to use HTML5 formatting. This allows for greater flexibility and a more modern look and feel, along with improved search results.
  • Able to connect to OPC UA servers as a source of measurement data. DAQ sources can be created to accept discrete data from the server.
  • Unit Manager has been expanded to support a unit type, SI Unit designation, factor and offset. Users can also identify user-defined or undefined unit types if desired.
  • Report Designer has been improved to support copy and paste of report items between pages within the report.
  • Support has been added for processing of QIF files in the 3.0 format. Support includes export of results and statistics as well as import of plans, results, and statistics.
  • Report designs that include variable, attribute, or position pages in a multi-characteristic section can include gridlines between and around the characteristic on each page.
  • QIF export options now support using MeasurLink data as part of the file naming convention.
  • The restriction on the number of characteristics has been removed within the Datasheet View. Larger routines can now access this view as desired.
  • Week Number has been added as an option for filter sets.
  • Added the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Y to bring up the Subgroup Summary.
  • A Restore function has been added to Support Center and Real-Time to allow resetting the basic view of each module to return to the factory defaults.
  • A report’s characteristic independent page can now include images that have been saved at the part and routine level of the target data.
  • The Datasheet View has an option to display the earliest timestamp associated with a measurement for each part.
  • Reports have been enhanced to support a table of attribute measurement data in a single characteristic section. Additionally, the Tallysheet chart can be added to an attribute page in a single characteristic section.
  • The image chart has been changed to maintain the aspect ratio of the saved image being used to populate the chart.
  • Reports have been improved to allow an auto-size function or customization of column widths for characteristics on all table style pages in a multi-characteristic section. Additionally, the column headers expand in height and automatically wrap to ensure visibility of the full characteristic name.
  • Observation notes can now be included in reports.
  • A programmable interface has been added to set print conditions for reports.
  • Administrators now have the ability to restrict users from closing certain modules.
  • Import templates can ignore characters from the file name that are captured as part of a wildcard when determining part, routine, or run names.
  • Import data files by user-customized ordering and assign newly created routines to specific routine folders.
  • Added support for Thai and Hungarian languages.

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