MeasurLink General Features & Enhancements

  • The MeasurLink user experience has undergone an update in visual presentation. Icons, window themes, and workspaces have been modified to provide a flatter feel, utilizing fewer but more consistent colors throughout. Additionally, chart backgrounds, plot points, and histogram bins have changed the default color scheme to remove the previous gradient.
  • Support has been added for acceptance sampling methods of data collection. Standard AQL methods supported are C=0 (Squeglia) and ANSI Z1.4. The module will allow for runs that are specific to SPC or acceptance sampling, or they can be combined to use the same data within a run for both purposes. Users can also leverage historical data to create sample studies.
  • Support has been added for AS9102 First Article Inspection methodologies. This includes setup, data collection, and reporting using the standard form.
  • Active Input device commands can now be sent to MeasurLink from HID devices, such as using a barcode scanner to open an inspection routine.
  • When the database version upgrade dialog displays, primarily after a service pack has been applied, the user now has the option to change the connection so as to avoid updating a database that should not be updated (for example, to allow switching from production to a test or QA database).
  • The concept of run type has been added with values of SPC run (this is the run structure of previous versions of MeasurLink), First Article Inspection Results, Acceptance Sample, or a mixed type (combination of the first three). Specific icons have been added for each run type, and appropriate trees can be grouped by this new type as well.
  • Support has been added for the MQTT data transfer protocol (input only).
  • More robust filtering of trees in Report Scheduler, Process Analyzer, and Process Manager has been included. A more advanced user experience provides the ability to achieve more complex and granular tree displays, making it easier to identify and work with only the desired data. Filter criteria includes multiple logical operands, more filtering types, and grouping controls to allow for advanced order of operations. Filters can be inclusive or exclusive.
  • XBar/R and XBar/S charts can be converted to “rainbow” charts by including the sigma zone lines and optionally adding a color scheme within the zones.
  • A new report page for displaying the electronic signature history of a run has been added to the Characteristic Independent section of MeasurLink reports.
  • When previewing or printing a chart in Probability View or Classic View that contains filtered data, the filter criteria is displayed at the top of the chart.
  • When creating variable groups for positional tolerance, a characteristic can now be used in multiple groups.
  • A function has been added that allows the saved path to attachments to be quickly changed from one location to another in bulk, in order to support customers’ server migrations.

Real-Time New Product Features

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