Process Analyzer New Product Features

  • Layouts can now be saved in Process Analyzer, allowing someone to view the same data collected on the shop floor in a different way, and consistently return to the same view each time they view data.
  • Week Number has been added as an option for grouping and filtering in the Summary Analysis function.
  • A statistical test for Randomness in Data has been added (used for confidence in process capability indices).
  • A new filter option has been added for the tree to show all runs that have no data entered. This can be a useful tool for maintaining a “clean” MeasurLink environment.
  • When viewing data in Classic View, a tooltip has been added to the characteristic tab to append the station name to the end of the runname.partname.characteristicname information.
  • The Normal and Best Fit Distribution charts can now be filtered to generate more detailed distribution analysis.

Real-Time New Product Features

Gage R&R New Product Features

Gage Management New Product Features