Process Analyzer New Product Features

  • MeasurLink now has reports specifically designed for use in Process Analyzer. This allows for the inclusion of the normal distribution chart and p value statistical text item, but restricts a report that includes either of those
    items from being executed in Real-Time, since that information is only available in Process Analyzer.
  • A Tolerance Calculator function has been added. This new option will allow users to take existing data and tolerance values for a characteristic and allows tolerance information to be moved via an updating slider bar, showing potential capability values based on the changes in tolerance range. Alternatively, a target capability value can be set, and this function will calculate the tolerance range that would be required to achieve that target for the data in the run.
  • Layouts can now be saved in Process Analyzer, allowing someone to view the same data collected on the shop floor in a different way, and consistently return to the same view each time they view data.
  • Week Number has been added as an option for grouping and filtering in the Summary Analysis function.
  • A statistical test for Randomness in Data has been added (used for confidence in process capability indices).
  • A new filter option has been added for the tree to show all runs that have no data entered. This can be a useful tool for maintaining a “clean” MeasurLink environment.
  • When viewing data in Classic View, a tooltip has been added to the characteristic tab to append the station name to the end of the runname.partname.characteristicname information.
  • The Normal and Best Fit Distribution charts can now be filtered to generate more detailed distribution analysis.
  • Summary Analysis grid has been enhanced to show the order of sorting when multiple items are being sorted based on the user’s selection.  Additionally, the grid can include the nominal and tolerance limits.
  • The Run Data tree can be filtered by gage name using the tracked gage information added to runs with the Force Gage Tracking function.  It can also be filtered by notes added to measurement data.
  • Trees in Real-Time and Process Analyzer can now be manipulated more easily with a Collapse All function. They can also now be grouped by week number.
  • Capability View can be exported directly to Excel.

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