Why MeasurLink Is The Right Choice

Mitutoyo’s nationwide network of Metrology Centers and support operations provides application, calibration, service, repair and educational programs to ensure that our 6,000+ metrology products will deliver measurement solutions for our customers throughout their lifetime.




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The Big Picture

Scalable Data Acquisition, Management & Analysis

Mitutoyo has been developing MeasurLink and serving manufacturing quality programs for more than twenty years. It represents the design input of industry experts and thousands of manufacturers across the globe. It is quality inspection, management and analysis software built on a technology platform for the most robust performance and reliability. MeasurLink can serve the smallest shop to the largest multi-national enterprise with the most ease of use and power available in SPC software today. It is designed with Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory in mind and provides the scalability, extensibility and interoperability you need in your future factory!

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Create & Manage Quality Libraries

Easily build up a library of parts and inspection routines with Support Center. The Support Center libraries are provided in order to prepare data collection for operators and inspectors. The libraries define what, where and how to inspect, as well as the option to track any information critical to the process such as material, temperature, lot number, and machine line.

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Define What to Inspect

Part Library

Set names and tolerances for characteristics in each part to be inspected. Organize hundreds or thousands of part numbers in an easy-to-manage tree structure. The Part Library supports variable and attribute data as well as calculated measurements such as flatness, wall thickness, or area.

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Define How To Inspect

Routine Library

Create an inspection routine of the entire part for Final Inspection or portions of parts for in-process inspection during different manufacturing operations. Set notification alerts, order of inspection, devices to use, and collection frequency at the click of a button.

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Define Where To Inspect

Device & Station Library

Manage all the inspection stations connected to the MeasurLink database. Choose from Mitutoyo devices such as U-Wave or USB Input Tool or add third party devices to collect measurement data with.

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More Than Measurements

Traceability Library

Populate a list of items critical to the quality of product for robust root cause analysis. Track who, what, when, and where the measurement took place, why the issue occurred and how to fix it by assigning a cause and corrective action.

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Manage Production Data

Run Library

Create inspection data sets based on lot, batch, time or quantity. Switch between active Inspection Routines. Suspend Inspection Runs to Resume when needed. Organize data by Customer, PO, Lot Number or any identifier you need.

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Manage Metrology Assets

Gage Library

Track location and calibration status of measuring tools and instruments. Manage standards and calibration procedure and generate certificates for quality assurance compliance requirements.

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