Transforming The Industry

Manufacturers can easily detect and eliminate excessive variation at the wafer, chip, and feature level or compare variation from wafer to wafer and lot to lot with MeasurLink. MeasurLink is innovating the electronics industry and pushing the level of efficiency.

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Lot Acceptance

Lot inspection and acceptance allows manufacturers to assess the quality of the batches of components received and predict the quality of similar batches. This approach allows users to reduce the amount of sample that needs to be inspected. MeasurLink supports this activity by providing real-time statistics such as Cpk and Ppk. This approach allows:

  • Reduced cost of receiving inspection
  • Increased confidence in supplier quality
  • Faster reaction to supplier quality issues
  • Less risk of supplier defects impacting other processes

Multi-Operation Manufacturing

Products produced in the semiconductor industry involve many unique operations. Measurements are taken during all steps of manufacturing: Wafer processing, Die processes, IC packaging and testing. All of this data needs to be tied back to the end product.

Serial numbers and other traceability can be used to filter data down to the subset needed by users and then reported to the customer on demand. This data can be analyzed at the operation site or remotely by users with access to the database from anywhere in the world.