Real-Time New Product Features

  • Image files, saved through the 2D Scanning function in Support Center’s Part Library, can be added to the background of the 2D View, allowing operators greater visibility and understanding of where measurements need to be taken.
  • A temporary notification bar will appear notifying users when a report has been generated or an export is created, based on automation set for end of part measurements.
  • When the module is closed and runs are still active, the user will be given the option to save the layout for all active runs at the same time, rather than being asked individually for each run. This allows the module to be closed more quickly and efficiently.
  • Collection Scheduler is included with Real-Time and and no longer requires a license. Missed data collection analytics are available in Process Manager.
  • AS9102 First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR) are now available as a form to populate and print. This includes setup, data collection, and reporting using Forms 1, 2, and 3.
  • Acceptance Sampling support for C=0 or Z1.4 guidelines to determine inspection quantities and results to determine whether to accept or reject the entire material lot. Displays OC Curves for risk evaluation. Export to Excel or PDF.
  • A single point of data can be removed from the middle of a run in either Real-Time or Process Analyzer. Tagged data will be removed or adjusted to the new data order based on the properties of that tag, and statistics will be updated at the time the delete occurs. Note that this delete is a permanent, unrecoverable removal of data from the database.

Process Analyzer New Product Features

Gage R&R New Product Features