Real-Time New Product Features

  • Real-Time’s views have been greatly enhanced to support the selection of subsets of characteristics to be displayed. This allows for the display of only items that are out of tolerance, in warning, explicitly selected, or
    a combination of all these items. The views will automatically update when data is collected or modified.
  • Real-Time can automatically identify characteristics during data collection based on incoming data and outlier ranges.
  • Email notifications on failed data tests have been delayed until after the other test failure options have been processed.  This allows assignable cause and corrective actions to be included in the email, and avoids sending inaccurate emails when the data is rejected due to failing to tag an assignable cause.
  • When a run is activated, if there is an attachment associated with the routine for that run, it can be set to automatically open outside of MeasurLink, in the default program for that particular attachment.
  • A new statistics chart, CUSUM, can be viewed while collecting data.
  • A new find option has been added to search for runs that contain a specific serial number.
  • The Active Runs view has been improved to allow for a horizontal orientation. Additionally, a mark has been added to identify the run that is currently active. Also, an option has been added to increase the text size for better viewing of active runs when away from the screen.
  • When a new characteristic is added via DDE while appending data to the existing run, if the Fill Missing Data at External Part End option is enabled, the previous parts will be marked missing to keep the new characteristic aligned with all other values for that part.
  • A new statistic, Percent Deviation from Target, has been added as a text item in callouts and the Datasheet View and is displayed in Meter and Indicator Bar charts.

Process Analyzer New Product Features

Gage R&R New Product Features

Gage Management New Product Features