Support Center New Features

  • In Part Library, 2D prints can be scanned, using OCR technology, to create a new part with relevant characteristics, assign balloon numbers, and define tolerances.
    • An interactive view of the print, with resulting balloon assignments, is available for review and administration during part setup.
    • Prints can be rotated, zoomed in and out, and cropped to enhance the scanning accuracy.
    • Content within prints can be enhanced through a series of scanning filters.
    • Sibling characteristics can be created all at one time based on the scanned content of the print, allowing for fast creation of related characteristics.
    • Resulting ballooned prints can be saved as an image file, for use with Real-Time’s 2D View during data collection, as well as for reporting.
  • In Routine Library, runs can now be created at other stations than the user is currently on, eliminating the requirement for a setup person to be at the station to create a run.
  • A new property for Criticality has been added to the revision level of a characteristic in the Part Library. This will support functionality for processes such as acceptance sampling.
  • In Station Library, a DAQ source can be enhanced to apply an equation to the data to “transform” it into a more usable data within MeasurLink. This transformed DAQ source will allow for simpler handling of unit conversions, addition or shifting of decimal place, and can perform similar functions as derived characteristics, such as conditionally calling external programs. Common transformation functions have been built into Station Library for users to take advantage of, including functions to shift decimal position left or right, and convert units using the long-standing Unit Manager function of Support Center.
  • Usability improvements to the libraries to make options easier to find and use.

Real-Time New Product Features

Process Analyzer New Product Features