Support Center New Features

  • In Station and Device Libraries, the previous designation “USB” has been  changed to “HID” (Human Interface Device) to more accurately reflect the capabilities of the devices covered under it.
  • In Traceability Library, the items in a picklist type of traceability list can be sorted alphabetically.
  • In Traceability Library, for traceability lists that allow the user to enter something via keyboard or other HID device, validation masks can be set up that will reject the user’s entry if it does not match the defined mask.
  • In Routine Library, a copy function has been added to the collection frequency dialog to allow for quick repeats of commonly used frequency settings.
  • In Routine Library, Collection Frequency settings can now be saved in a library and later used again for other characteristics. This is helpful if many routines have similar characteristics and inspection requirements.
  • In Part Library, constants that are created for derived characteristics can be renamed as well as have their default values changed.
  • Routines that include variable groups can be copied in the Routine Library.

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