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Relational Databases (SQL, e.g. Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft® SQL Server)

Structured Query Language (SQL) is an ANSI standard method for describing the access to relational databases. MeasurLink® accesses the database by using embedded SQL statements in the Microsoft Visual programming languages code that created the various modules.

There are many benefits that SQL offers to a database management system:

Data Integrity

SQL implements transaction processing to ensure the integrity of the information in the database. Transaction processing guarantees that any transaction is performed as a single unit of work. Transaction processing is enabled through the COMMIT and ROLLBACK statements. At any time, issuing a COMMIT statement makes any work in progress permanent. Alternatively, issuing a ROLLBACK statement will undo all of the work back to the last COMMIT statement. More importantly, if the system goes down (power failure, machine failure) a ROLLBACK statement is automatically issued when the database is restarted.

Data Consistency

The MeasurLink® database is created without the use of primary or foreign keys. Each table in the database is, however, created with indexes which ensures uniqueness and completeness of data entries. The indexes also provide a method for query optimization to improve response time on database interaction.
Referential integrity between tables is programmatically enforced to ensure that insertions, modifications, and deletions are properly made across the entire database.

Cost-based Query Optimization

The database server automatically optimizes transactions to determine the fastest way possible to perform SQL queries. Cost-based optimization of the query means that no matter which way the query was worded, the execution time of the query will always be the same. Also, the database server automatically takes advantage of the existing indexes to improve the performance of the query.


Database servers automatically adapt to utilize a computer’s available memory and resources for increased performance.