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Gage Management Standard Edition provides a method for maintaining, organizing and managing information about gages. Information such as measurement specifications, calibration recall dates, gage R&R dates and general event history is provided in an intuitive user interface with complete reporting abilities. Calibration procedure setup is easy and flexible.

Gage inventory
Establish calibration standard and gage inventory. Build metrology asset database. Includes vendor, tolerance, range, owner, serial number, model number, etc.  
Calibration procedures
Generate calibration procedures with environmental conditions, instructions, gage block sequencing, etc.  
Calibration recall reports
View calibration due date or overdue report to collect gages. Can be filtered based on various criteria.
R&R recall reports
View Gage R&R due date or overdue report to collect gages. Can be filtered based on various criteria.
Email list of gages due or overdue
Once the gage calibrations are scheduled, the list of gages due or overdue for calibration can be viewed as a report, and those lists are available for scheduled email notifications. Also available for gages due for Gage R&R studies (requires purchase of Gage R&R).
Gage event history
Record all gage events from the time gage is put into service to the time it is retired. Gages checked out to work, storage, calibration, repair.
Vendor contacts
Establish vendor contact list including outsourced calibration and repair service for gage checkouts.
Find gages
Filter gage inventory by Gage type, Manufacturer, Location, User, Due date and Status.
Calibration certificates
Print calibration certificates after calibration procedure completion.
Print gage labels
Interface with a Brother’s P-touch printer for printing labels for gages.
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