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MeasurLink Process Analyzer Professional Edition is designed for more robust manipulation of Real-Time data in a networked environment using advanced features not available in MeasurLink Process Analyzer Lite Edition. It enables Quality Engineering to slice and dice data in meaningful ways that contribute to quality control initiatives. For larger installations that use different databases, the ability to switch the connection allows an engineer to analyze data from all sources.

Group, Search and Sort Data
View data by part, routine, station, year, month, day. Apply saved filters to data and search for specific traceability or serial number criteria. 
Merge Data
Combine lot based or just in time collected data to get a bigger picture of process variation and production quality. One option available for merging is to align data by serial number.
Support FDA requirements
Apply electronic signatures to your data.
Summary Analysis
Use wizard to view and print a grid with capability and statistical information.

Scatter Plots
Perform correlation studies to identify process interactions.
Filter Data
Often, especially for runs containing a large volume of subgroups, requests are made for subsets of data that are further related from the entire run’s population. MeasurLink provides robust filtering capabilities to comply with these requests.
Compare Capability to Traceability
Easily view charts showing the capability of a characteristic based on the traceability, subgroup or time. Compare the capability of machines, for example. The Cpk shows green for exceeding requirements and red for failing.
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