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MeasurLink Real-Time Professional Edition enables customers to connect and acquire data from Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machines, Vision and Form Measuring Systems via native integration (DDE). ASCII and QMD (xml-based) file import are also supported. In addition to all of the features supported by MeasurLink Real-Time Standard Edition, this application also supports data filters. Full reporting functionality with templates is also provided. Supported data sources include keyboard, RS232 and USB devices, native Mitutoyo integration (DDE) ASCII and QMD (xml-based) file import.

Import templates
Easily create an import template that maps data in a text file to MeasurLink information. Templates are saved to the database for everyone to use and can be added as data sources to data collection stations. An import template can be verified against the source file without adding data to the system.
Direct data transfer
Collect data into MeasurLink from Mitutoyo capital equipment running Mitutoyo Software that is MeasurLink enabled. This provides a tighter and more robust interface than importing data from files.
Filter data
All data collected within a Real-Time run is related. Often, especially for runs containing a large volume of subgroups, requests are made for subsets of data that are further related from the entire run’s population. MeasurLink provides robust filtering capabilities to comply with these requests.
Import data
When set up as a data source, import templates are readily available to the operator, or periodic imports can be executed.
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