Gage Management New Product Features

  • An import function has been added to allow gage information to be taken from an Excel sheet and loaded directly into the system.  The import supports gage name, propertis of the gage, and measurement specifications.
  • The history of calibration results for a particular gage can be compared graphically with a calibration comparison chart.
  • Added the ability to add Gage Models into a model library.  This is designed to allow for easy creation of a commonly owned gage by entering the properties only once for each model (even assigning the appropriate calibration procedure), then creating gages using the model’s properties.  Additionally, a gage model can be created using the properties of an existing gage.
  • For variable calibration procedures, alternate tolerances can be specified.
  • Added the ability to enter the deviation from the target size during gage calibration rather than entering the full reading, improving the efficiency of calibration events.
  • Added a new gage property, Standards Trace ID, which should be used to store any identification that is traceable to a standards organization (such as NIST in America).
  • The calibration certificate can be edited or a new certificate created.  Any created certificate can become the certificate that is printed by default for all calibration results.
  • The prompt to save the layout has been removed when closing Gage Management, in order to avoid saving unnecessarily complex layouts that take a long time to load.
  • User roles are validated with more visual detail to alert when changes to roles cannot be made, usually due to activity by that user in that role.
  • Calibration certificate can now include text options for the gage’s resolution and the next calibration date.
  • Calibration scheduling now allows the monthly option to skip months between calibrations.

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